Warrior Elephant

During the years 2008/2009 – something like a commissioned work was created as testimony for a friendship renewed yearly during the sailing season, the friendship to an Italian count from the noble family of the Leopardi. The consort of Count Francesco is living in Porta Leone at the Adriatic, his family in Ancona. This way the idea developed to portrait the city symbol of Porta Leone since ancient times, that is to say: an elephant encompassed by an ancient city gate. The elephant has erected his trunk in belligerent manner. One can practically hear him trumpet, call to attack. Viewed from the front is seems as if the elephant would bear a wooden fort on his back; and one is instantly reminded of the war elephants who the great Hannibal had lead over the alps into Italy.

How exactly Porta Leone acquired its African city symbol, we could not yet determine. When Count Francesco appears for the next time before Santorini with his boat and then takes the finished sculpture aboard, we have to ask him. In any case his consort will happy about this homage to her home city, an homage which is more than stone bric-a-brac, which is a perfect heraldic image invention.


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