The next theme Nikos ventured to was the “book”, an archetype as well. He designed that motive twice, first as an open and then as a closed book. We immediately associate sculptural designs of the same theme by north European artists about which Nikos certainly had not heard ever. First there are the works of the spouses Kubach-Willmsen, a long row of single books as well as some compiled to groups and libraries. They are made from the most different stone materials and in most different formats, too, being profoundly explained by historians of art and artsy types, among other interpretations as “Memento Mori” or as a symbol of the “Gutenberg Galaxy” and the collective memory of mankind safeguarded in books. We had experienced a very impressive collection of the stone books in the monastery gardens of Eberbach in the Rheingau; and on an island in the Rhine opposing the chateau Biebrich, a perpetual exhibition of these beautiful stone books can be seen in the garden of a private art gallery.

Then the next room of our “imaginary museum” came, containing Anselm Kiefer’s magnificent and monumental books of lead, to visit for example in Berlin. Kiefer’s metal library consists like with Nikos of open and closed books, and many pages were to be filled for explaining their metaphysical meaning.

When telling Nikos about these parallels –of course we had no pictures ready – he seemed a little irritated, disappointed as well, because thus the genuineness of his motive invention slipped off his hands. But we were consoling him. Because on the one hand no one, not even the most malicious, can accuse him of plagiarism; and on the other hand it is not slanderous if one had the same igniting image idea like a world famous artist of Anselm Kiefer’s rank. And for the third, the content motivation of Nikos had been entirely different from that in Kubach-Willmsen or Kiefer’s work for it had been an autobiographical motivation.

Our question was obvious whether the second book of Nikos, an “Open Book”, is maybe symbolizing a new beginning under better auspices, probably the hope for a new love. But Nikos wrapped himself in silence, and to our spontaneous interest in acquiring either of the book objects, be it the open one or the closed one, he reacted contrary to his usual accommodation with a harsh “No!” To imagine we already had been running through our bank accounts in Germany within our heads! For it wouldn’t have fitted to palm Nikos off with the travel purse. Alas, to us remains just the hope that on occasion he is going to chisel a book object as commissioned work for us, maybe something in between, half open and half closed with a direct biographical link to our persons and our life?


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